SCAN Littoral

SCAN Littoral

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A reference document for land and sea bringing together 1 : 25 000 IGN (National Geographical Institute) land maps and the SHOM's marine maps (usually on a scale of 1 : 50 000). The product is merged in accordance with the histolitt coastline co-produced by the SHOM (French Naval Hydroygraphic Service) and IGN.


Distribution of the SCAN Littoral product (SHOM/ IGN).

Who is this catalogue for?

All those with a license for the SHOM//IGN website corresponding to  LOLF programme 113. This license was signed at the end of 2012 by the Marine Protection Agency through funding for MEDDTL/DGALN. A second license was signed in 2012 by the DAM thus enabling all of the MEDDTL to use this product.





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