Atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution: Polmar La Réunion

Atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution: Polmar La Réunion

This atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution was produced for the project "elaboration of Polmar Atlases and DCE" assigned by the state (DEAL – Reunion Island) to the university library LETG-Brest Géomar in collaboration with the IFREMER delegation for the Indian Ocean.

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The coastal sensitivity atlas is required by the POLMAR plan defined in the instruction of 4 March 2002 under article 4.1.1. This "technical appendix" is a document designed to assist in decision-making within the preparation and operational contexts of the fight against pollution.

The data acquired when drawing up coastal sensitivity to marine pollution is vast and varied as it includes data on the characteristics of both the land and the marine environments, as well as social, economic and physical aspects of the natural environment.


This atlas presents the geomorphological, ecological and socio-economic characteristics of the coasts of Reunion Island and its sensitivity to accidental pollution in marine environments. It is an operational document aimed at those fighting against pollution. It provides information in order to:

  • Quickly evaluate the risks on the Island;
  • Define intervention priorities;
  • Manage choices regarding techniques and means which could be implemented.

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