Oceanographic french cruises data

Date(s) (Publication)
Point of contact(s): IFREMER / IDM/SISMER
Credit Ifremer/SISMER
ID FR-330-715-368-00032-IFR_SISMER_DNAVIRES
Abstract This concerns data acquired during french oceanographic cruises by all types of sensors/instruments onboard the following research vessels:
* PourquoiPas?
* Atalante
* Thalassa
* SuroƮt
* Haliotis
* Europe
* Thalia
* Gwen Drez
Data are acquired with Ifremer's acquisition system (TECHSAS), and are delivered unprocessed.
Keywords Oceanographic geographical features
Lineage Ifremer's acquisition system TECHSAS (TECHnical and Scientific sensors Acquisition System) provides the following functionnalities:

* sensors measures acquisition,
* measures time-stamping,
* measures recording,
* technical display for control,
* real-time broadcast on the local IP network.

TECHSAS can also process the following types of sensors and equipments :

* time systems ( ZDA NMEA frames),
* Seabird SBE21 thermosaliographs,
* Seabird Water samplers,
Utilisation Under agreement