Species and habitats - Localisation of survey sampling stations of the RCP Manche survey

Date(s) (Publication)
Custodian(s): CHARM Consortium
Point of contact(s): Jean-Marie Dewarumez
Affiliation(s) 1 : Station Marine de Wimereux, Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
2 : CHARM Consortium
Credit Louis Cabioch and collaborators (Roscoff, Dinard, Wimereux)
Abstract Localisation of the 1477 sampled sites in the english channel during the 1971-1976 period.
Keywords Geographic localisation, CHARM, Habitats et biotopes, échantillonnage
Lineage Louis Cabioch, Franck Gentil, René Glaçon and Christian Retière sampled between 1971 and 1976, 1495 stations between longitude 2° W and the French-Belgium border : sampling strategy is regular in homogeneous areas and is intensified in coastal areas and on the Flanders sand banks / qualitative samples taken using a ¿Rallier du Baty¿ dredge (45 cm in diameter) /for each sample, detailed observation of the granulometric structure.
Utilisation research-only
Temporal Extent 1971-01-01 - 1976-12-31