Globcurrent Combined (Absolute Geostrophic + Ekman) Surface Current Velocities over Global Ocean on a 6-hourly 0.1° Resolution Grid, version 3

Date(s) (Creation)
Custodian(s): Piolle Jean-Francois
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER
ID CLS-L4-CUReul_hs-ALT_SUM-v01.0
Abstract This dataset contains the version 3 of absolute geostrophic velocities products from multi-satellite observations over Global Ocean added to Hs depth Ekman velocities computed from ECMWF wind stress with an Ekman model fitted onto drifting buoys[Rio et al. 2014], resampled on GlobCurrent 0.1 degree resolution geographical grid, from 1993 to 2017.
Keywords CDS-SAT-Brest, /Physical Oceanography/Currents, Remote sensing
Lineage Ocean Surface Currents (OSC) can be considered as the cumulative results of local and remote factors, including highly variable winds, surface and internal waves, tides, mixed layer depth and buoyancy fluxes. Interacting with larger scale flows, the influence of these random forces on OSC is not trivial. As often observed, this can lead to well ordered and long lived coherent mesoscale structures, with horizontal scales of 30-300 km, and with time scales of 3-30 days. But,
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Temporal Extent 1993-01-01 - 2017-05-15