Species and habitats - Pecten maximus - Probable habitat in July modelled by Generalised Linear Modelling and its uncertainty with BTS data

Date(s) (Publication)
Gestionnaire(s): CHARM Consortium
Point de contact(s): Steve Mackinson
Affiliation(s) 1 : Center for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
2 : CHARM Consortium
Crédit CEFAS
Résumé Modelised abundance of species or prediction uncertainty.
Mots-clés Species data set, CHARM, Habitats et biotopes, ressource halieutique
Généalogie In short, models based on GLMs predict the mean response of the species to environmental factors whilst models based on RQ predict the maximal response. When GLM uses abundance data, the preferential habitat is predicted, whilst the probable habitat is predicted when GLM uses binary presence-absence data. Generalised Linear Modelling (GLM) describes and predicts the "preferential habitat", i.e. the portion of the potential habitat that is used on average over time, or, in the case of
Utilisation research-only