CATDS-PDC L3TB - Daily global polarised brightness temperature product from SMOS satellite

Date(s) (Publication)
Principal investigator(s): François Cabot
Affiliation(s) 1 : CESBIO
DOI 10.12770/6294e08c-baec-4282-a251-33fee22ec67f
Abstract This product is a daily synthesis product of brightness temperatures for L-Band frequency. It includes all brightness temperatures acquired that very day by the SMOS satellite operating in full pol mode. Values correspond to those at the top of the atmosphere level, transformed to the ground polarisation reference frame, binned and averaged into fixed incidence angle classes. Ascending and descending orbits are processed separately
Keywords Oceanographic geographical features, SMOS, CATDS, CPDC, L3TB, Brightness Temperature
Lineage The base products, for all the CATDS-PDC (Centre Aval de Traitement des Données SMOS - Production & Dissemination Center) processing chains, are the SMOS L1B products from ESA (European Space Agency).
The L3TB product includes all brightness temperatures from SMOS satellite acquired that day, at top of atmosphere level, transformed to ground polarisation reference frame, filtered when several acquisitions are available, and binned and averaged into fixed incidence angle classes (including a 40°
Utilisation Formal permission induced by existence of a license.

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CATDS (2016). CATDS-PDC L3TB - Daily global polarised brightness temperature product from SMOS satellite. CATDS (CNES, IFREMER, CESBIO).

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Al Bitar Ahmad, Mialon Arnaud, Kerr Yann H., Cabot Francois, Richaume Philippe, Jacquette Elsa, Quesney Arnaud, Mahmoodi Ali, Tarot Stephane, Parrens Marie, Al-Yaari Amen, Pellarin Thierry, Rodriguez-Fernandez Nemesio, Wigneron Jean-Pierre (2017). The global SMOS Level 3 daily soil moisture and brightness temperature maps. Earth System Science Data, 9(1), 293-315. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :