Marine Mammals and Seabirds - Uria aalge - Relative abundance (1995 - 2011)

Point of contact(s): Tom Brereton
Affiliation(s) 1 : MARINElife
Credit CHARM consortium
ID ML009
Abstract Relative abundance of Uria aalge in the Channel Charm III sea zone based on MARINElife survey data between 1995-2011 at a 10km² resolution.
Keywords Marine Mammals and Seabirds, Guillemot de Troïl, Guillemot, Oceanographic geographical features
Lineage Data_collect The BCD survey (¿Biodiversity and cartography throughout the Dover Straits) was held at the end of April 1999, with sampling from 39 stations. The BCD survey was financed by the European INTERREG II programme (1995-2001) and produced maps of larvae stages and plankton. The aims of the BCD survey was to compare planktonic assemblages on the French and English coasts. Ichthyoplankton was collected with a double-framed bongo net (plankton nets with 500 m mesh). Oblique tows were
Utilisation research-only