Physical environment - Modelled bed shear stress data

Date(s) (Publication)
Custodian(s): CHARM Consortium
Resource provider(s): Steve Mackinson
Affiliation(s) 1 : Center for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
2 : CHARM Consortium
Credit POL (Proudman Oceanographic Laboratory)
Abstract Bed shear stress (in N.m-2) is a measure of the friction of water on the seabed due to the M2 tide. Used as layer for habitat.
Keywords Oceanography, CHARM, Habitats et biotopes, océanographie
Lineage Bed shear stress was estimated using a 2D hydrodynamic model of the north-west European shelf. This model, developed at the POL, is used to predict the mean M2 tidal curennt on the bottom at a spatial resolution of 1/8° longitude by 1/12° latitude (about 8 km cell size). Bed stress was calculated using a quadratic expression where stress depends on the predicted maximum ellipse current and on an appropriate bed friction coefficient (here, value 0.0025). Bed shear stress was provided as a regular
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