Species and habitats - Pleuronectes platessa - Eggs - Preferential habitat in January modellised by Generalised Linear Modelling and its uncertainty for IBTS surveys

Date(s) (Publication)
Point of contact(s): Yves Verin, Sandrine Vaz
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer
Abstract Modelised adundance of several species eggs or prediction uncertainty.
Keywords Species data set, CHARM, R├ępartition des esp├Ęces, ressource halieutique
Lineage The survey concerns the Dover Strait to the southern half of the North Sea. Its aim is to estimate fish abundance and distribution and to compute recruitment indices (abundance of juveniles) for the fish species exploited in the North Sea. Since 2006, French IBTS used a continuous fish egg pumping device called CUFES allowing the collection of information on the spatial distribution of winter spawning areas and on the spawning habitat of several important species.
Utilisation research-only