ODEMAR shipboard Pourquoi Pas? multibeam bathymetry

Date(s) (Publication)
Affiliation(s) 1 : IPGP/CNRS
DOI 10.17882/48324
Résumé Multibeam bathymetry data, gridded at 40m, acquired around the 13°20'N and 13°30'N oceanic detachments along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Bathymetric data was acquired by the PourQUoi Pas? multibeam system (RESON 7150).
Data is provided as a grid in GRD format (GMT NETCDF).
Mots-clés Altitude, dorsale, atlantique, Open data, Données ouvertes
Généalogie grdinfo of the file:

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: Title: Bathy_40m.grd

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: Command: File written by MATLAB function grdwrite2.m

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: Remark: Created 22-Nov-2014 16:35:13

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: Gridline node registration used [Cartesian grid]

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: Grid file format: nf = GMT netCDF format (32-bit float), COARDS, CF-1.5

ODEMAR_Shipboard_Bathymetry_40m.grd: x_min: -45.14293893
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