Species and habitats - Sprattus sprattus - Nurseries British coasts - Multi-annual abundance in September

Date(s) (Publication)
Custodian(s): CHARM Consortium
Resource provider(s): Steve Mackinson
Affiliation(s) 1 : Center for Environment, Fisheries & Aquaculture Science
2 : CHARM Consortium
Credit CEFAS
Abstract Abundance of several species in coastal nurseries along british coasts.
Keywords Species data set, CHARM, Habitats et biotopes, ressource halieutique
Lineage This survey extends along the Channel British coast each year in September since 1981. This survey uses a 2 m beam trawl towed for 35 min. at a speed of one knot, at dephts ranging from 1 to 20 m.
Utilisation research-only
Temporal Extent 1981-01-01 - 2006-12-31