Physical environment - In situ data - Surface temperature collected during the International Bottom Trawl Survey in 2007 - Kriging error

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Custodian(s): CHARM Consortium
Point of contact(s): Yves Verin
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer
2 : CHARM Consortium
Abstract Three environmental parameters were measured in situ during the IBTS in 2007. Temperature and salinity were measured using thermosalinometer 3 to 5 m under sea surface. Sub-surface (3-5 m) chlorophyll a concentration was measured using a fluorometer (measure the fluorescence emitted by the pigment). The IBTS survey, which takes place each year in January, gives a good illustration of winter conditions.
Keywords Species data set, CHARM, ressource halieutique, Oceanographic geographical features
Lineage The survey concerns the Dover Strait to the southern half of the North Sea. Its aim is to estimate fish abundance and distribution and to compute recruitment indices (abundance of juveniles) for the fish species exploited in the North Sea. In parallel to its regular actions, the 2007 French IBTS used a continuous fish egg pumping device called CUFES allowing the collection of information on the spatial distribution of winter spawning areas and on the spawning habitat of several important
Utilisation research-only
Temporal Extent 2007-01-01 - 2007-01-31