Historical Coastal Photographs

Historical Coastal Photographs

This catalogue includes around 10,000 photos, taken between 1919 and 1958 and includes almost all of the French coastline.

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In July 2003, when moving archives from a room in the Ifremer site in Brest, we came accross a large number of historical photos. After a brief enquiry, it was discovered that the SHOM (French naval hydrographic service) had donated this collection to CNEXO (Ifremer's "predecessor") at the beginning of the 1970s, when their library (which had been based in Rue de l'Observatoire, Paris) closed down. The photos were forgotten over time until they were rediscovered by chance..


To share these historical aerial photographs with the general public






Further Information

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· Website: http://sextant.ifremer.fr/fr/web/photos-anciennes-littoral/
· Contact: Catherine.Satra@ifremer.fr

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