Marine Aggregate

Marine Aggregate

Catalogue bringing together data regarding the exploitation of marine materials on the Channel and Atlantic coastlines.

Site Administrators, Data Providers

Ifremer, UR Géosciences Marines, Dyneco, STH


Study contract drawn up by the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE), assigned to Ifremer and the National Geological and Mineral Research Agency (BRGM) on the Eastern Channel and Loire-Gironde coastlines in order to determine the location of marine aggregates for supply to coastlines, to evaluate the environmental stages and existing use on sectors recognised as offering marine material resources, and to update the inventory of natural resources in brittle and solid rock for aggregate.


Management of geographical layers produced, according to the following themes: geology-resources, environment, fishing activity and resources.

Provide partners with an online cartographic information system.

Who is this catalogue for?

For MEDDE and aggregate producers working in partnership with the project.

Site data can only be downloaded with a password access, but can be viewed by the general public






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