2010 Offshore Wind Turbine Planning (first phase)

2010 Offshore Wind Turbine Planning (first phase)

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Within the context of planning for renewable marine energies at sea as decreed by memorandum on 5th March 2009, the maritime prefects for the Atlantic, Haute-Normandie and Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur asked CETMEF (Region Public Works Engineering Centre for the Seas and Waterways), with the support of the Regional Public Works Engineering Centre for Normandy, Central France and the Mediterranean, along with Ifremer, to implement a Geographical Information System that could be viewed online to address France's three coastlines (Channel and North Sea, Atlantic and Mediterranean), and to maintain this system in the future


The Geographical Information System (SIG) EMR is the renewable marine energy follow-up tool. It can be used to view the online maps of the first call for tender launched following the plans drawn up in 2010.

In total, over 100 layers, standardised at a national level, were brought together in less than a year. The SIG thus makes it possible to have layers which can be directly overlapped, whilst retaining and overall and local vision of the areas in question.

Who is this Catalogue for?

This planning tool aims to give access to the visualisation of all data brought together on the area in question and particularly to provide help during consultation meetings to determine areas suitable for developing marine energies.

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