Microbiological Shellfish Contamination Zones

Microbiological Shellfish Contamination Zones

This catalogue contains the layers used to create the French national atlas of sources of microbiological contamination in shellfish production zones

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In 2009-2010, within the context of studies relating to REMI, the network of microbiological testing of shellfish production zones, Ifremer drew up an atlas of sources of shellfish contamination. This atlas presents the different sources of microbiological contamination of the coastal drainage basins which could potentially influence the shellfish production areas cartographically. Many organisations were approached to share existing and available data within their departments. Once gathered, this data was brought together in a Geographical Information System and organised under different themes: population, tourism, fauna presence, occupation of the land and monitoring, usage, fertilisation and sanitation. This study was financed by the French General Directorate for Food.


This site aims to facilitate the distribution of cartographical layers used for studying sources of contamination on a national level. Some of this data can be viewed / downloaded for free on Sextant, depending on the data providers. Other cartographical layers concerning thematic microbiological contamination added to or could add to this website (location of REMI points, demarcation of shellfish areas, local sanitation networks, etc.).

Who is this catalogue for?

Ifremer Environmental Resources Laboratory (LER), administration agencies, public organisations, researchers or others working on issues relating to microbiological contamination of the coasts, project partners. Access to data is determined by the data providers.

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