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UMS 3462 – PELAGIS Observatory


The PELAGIS observatory brings together observation programmes and expertise concerning the conservation of marine mammal and bird populations as well as managing the related databases. The PELAGIS Observatory's connection to the LIENSs (UMR 7266, ULR-CNRS) and CEBC (UPR 1934) research units optimises the observatory data. The unit is based on a set of demographic, spatial, and biological databases, and a biological specimen bank.

The main activities of the units relate to monitoring prevalence and demographics, determining distribution and critical habitats, and estimating biological parameters of marine mammals and birds. Furthermore, the PELAGIS observatory produces regulatory summaries and reports, evaluates management scenarios and conservation units, and manages databases on large marine predators.


Via the thematic catalogue, this project aims to showcase PELAGIS observatory data. It will mainly consist of synthetic information on the observation of, distribution and abundance of species and human activity at a regional level (metropolitan coastlines, bio-geographical regions). The aim here is to compile (part of) the existing data in order to raise awareness of the PELAGIS Observatory dataset, part of which will be made public, in particular that for data managers.

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