MIMEL: An experimental framework for managing marine issues in Normandy

MIMEL: An experimental framework for managing marine issues in Normandy


The Inter-ministerial Committee for Territorial Planning and Development (CIADT) of 14 September 2004 aims to experiment with an Inter-departmental Mission for the Sea and the Coast (MIMEL) in the Normandy region. It aimed to reinforce coordination and the cross-over between State services in their trepidation regarding maritime and coastal issues. Both public and scientific establishments embrace this multidisciplinary approach which aims to improve the coherence of state public policies at sea by developing overall expertise, a shared approach methodology and dialogue between the various used of maritime space. The missions of MIMEL were completed in 2010 within the context of the reorganisation of delocalized services. The knowledge gained through the experiments conducted within the context of MIMEL was also used by the Interregional Sea Directive in Le Havre. Within the context of its coordinating functions at the scale of the Channel and North Sea coastline, it is responsible for all or part of the organization of actions undertaken by MIMEL and if necessary to extend them to the entire Channel and North Sea coastline.


MIMEL's priority is to implement and share a Geographical Information System for the sea and the coast by bringing together a hub for sharing and storing geomatic data. In order to have knowledge data of the environment or use, a system by which they can be exploited is essential in order to be able to ensure the sustainable and integrated management of marine and coastal activities.





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