Natura 2000

Natura 2000

Site Administrator, Data Providers

Ifremer, Dyneco, Service AG

Touria BAJJOUK, Natura 2000 Bretagne Coordinator


In order to meet the objectives of the 92/43/CEE directive for the conservation of natural habitats, wild flora and fauna (habitats directive), the State is responsible for establishing an inventory of the natural habitats and species of value to the community present on the Natura 2000 sites. DREAL Bretagne (Brittany's Regional Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing) has thus asked Ifremer to undertake a mission aiming to implement a knowledge and skills hub for natural marine environments in Brittany.


Sextant's Natura 2000 catalogue presents the current status of the inventory of the Natura 2000 habitat sites in Brittany and makes it possible to view and download the habitat maps which have been created.

Who is the catalogue for?

Natura 2000 site managers, scientists, administrations, research groups, general public.







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