Benthic Network

Benthic Network

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Ifremer, Dyneco, Service AG :

Touria BAJJOUK  (Rebent Bretagne project coordinator)

Chantal CROGUENNEC  (Rebent website and data manager)


Operational since 2003, Rebent was founded in 2000 following the Erika disaster. Brittany was the pilot region for this project, and efforts focussed primarily on the coastal area, between the shoreline and 50m below sea level.


The objective of the Benthic Network is to gather data relating to the distribution of marine coastal habitats, and to monitor their biodiversity. This provides scientists and managers to with referent information enabling them to detect changes over time and space.

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Coordinated by Ifremer, the Rebent network brings together a number of scientific partners and institutions: IUEM/LEMAR-LEBHAM, Concarneau Museum of Natural History, Station Biologique de Roscoff, CEVA, CNRS, Brittany Regional Council and the Loire-Brittany Water Agency.

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