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Seal Network

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This project, initiated by MIMEL (Inter-departmental Sea and Coastal Mission) and co-funded by MIMEL, DIREN Basse Normandie, the Marine Protection Agency and the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council, brings together information about the two species of seal found in French coastal waters. This information from various sources is presented in summarised form and is accessible to data providers (partners) and managers responsible for implementing management measures for these species and their habitats.


The thematic catalogue "seal network" was specifically implemented to bring together data from the regular monitoring of groups of seals in France.


The Iroise Marine Reserve and Océanopolis together monitor the grey seals around the Molène archipelago;

- The French National Office for Hunting and Wild Fauna (Inter-regional delegation from Brittany and Pays de Loire) monitors grey seals around Portsall and Triagoz;

- The Bird Protection Organisation (LPO), which manages the National Seven Islands Reserve, monitors grey seals around the Sept Iles archipelago;

- The Domaine de Beauguillot Nature Reserve and Aérobaie monitor harbour seals in Veys bay;

- The Seine bay national nature reserve monitors harbour seals in the Seine estuary;

- The Picardie Nature association monitors harbour seals and grey seals in the bay of the Somme;

The association Découverte Nature (ADN)  monitors harbour seals and grey seals in the bay of Authie;

- The Northern France Mammal Coordination (CMNF) and the Animal Protection League (LPA) in Calais together monitor harbour seals and grey seals at Walde lighthouse;

- The observatory for the conservation and study of animals and marine environments (OCEAMM) monitors harbour seals and grey seals at Cap Gris-Nez and Dunkirk;

- The centre for homing and studying nature and the environment (CHENE)  cares for young seals and monitors eight of them using Argos tracking systems once they are returned to sea;

- The LIENSs Laboratory (CNRS/University of La Rochelle) tracked 30 wild adult harbour seals in France's three main harbour seal colonies.

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