Martinique Geographical Information Portal (SIG972)

Martinique Geographical Information Portal (SIG972)

Catalogue and website for the association SIG972, the aim of which is to share and distribute Geographical Information regarding Martinique

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SIG972  was created to bring together, share, and distribute Geographical Information about Martinique.

For nearly 15 years, SIG972 has been sharing data, knowledge and skills from around twenty major Geographical Information providers in Martinique. Its best showcase is the website "Géoportail de l'Information Géographique de la Martinique" (Geoportal of Martinique's Geographical Information").

Since 2009, SIG972 has been an association in order to have the legal status required to finance the acquisition of geographical data or training in the field of Geographical Information Systems (SIG).


All those involved in SIG972 work together on tens of geographical "layers" including the classic themes relating to natural resources, coastlines, territories and companies, natural risks to the environment, to health and farming, etc.

  • Sharing common geographical references.
  • Sharing acquired geographical data.
  • Distributing referent information and information with added value.

Who is this catalogue for?

The general public.

Students and citizens through the availability of map data.

Professionals and research departments via downloadable SIG data.

Politicians and decision-makers through the use of dynamic online thematic maps


INSEE, Observatoire de l'Eau (Water Observatory)

Members: Préfecture, DAAF, DEAL, DAC, Agences des 50 pas, ONF, OMMM, ARS, SAFER, ADUAM, GEODE, CNASEA, Parc Naturel, IRSTEA, CIRAD, IRD, PRAM, CCIM, MADININAIR, Espace Sud, IFREMER, ODE, Mairie de Fort-de-France, BRGM, SMEM, OVSM-IPGP


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