New Caledonian Commission

New Caledonian Commission

Initially created to meet the needs of CNRT-Nickel and its environment (with which Ifremer is a partner), the aim of this catalogue is to archive the cartographical data available within the Ifremer research unit "Lagoons, Ecosystems and Sustainable Aquaculture in New Caledonia".

Site Administrators, Data Providers

Benoit Soulard: Information Systems Coordinator, Webmaster LEAD-NC Research Unit


Ifremer's New-Caledonian Commission has been diversifying its activity over the last few years.  Historically focused on shrimp aquaculture it has now expanded to include the fields of marine geoscience, development of tools to assist in marine reserve management, and expertise in terms of environmental monitoring and management of associated data.  Besides cartographical data related to aquaculture, "Lagoons, Ecosystems and Sustainable Aquaculture in New Caledonia" produces and exploits more and more geo-referenced data on these new themes.


The main objective of the New-Caledonia Sextant thematic site is to reliably and sustainably save the geo-referenced data produced by members of the Commission. Within the specific context of overseas sites with expatriated personnel, the issue of the sustainability of the information and data produced by the commission is vital.

This site also aims to inform local and regional partners of the existence of this data as well as to raise awareness of the new activities.

Finally, the technology used and the standards (INSPIRE) of the data and metadata make it possible to share the information via external cartographical portals such as that of CNRT Nickel and its environment ( of which IFREMER is a member.

Who is this catalogue for?

To those working with Ifremer's New Caledonia Commission for the storing and exploitation of data.

To partners and the general public in order to view certain data and metadata.




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