French West Indies Commission

French West Indies Commission

Ifremer's Commission for the French West Indies, located at Robert's Station in Martinique, leads multidisciplinary work in the fields of the environment, fisheries and aquaculture. Within this context, it produces multiple and varied data, and must use specific and reliable tools in order to be efficient and user-friendly.

Site Administrators, Data Providers

Jacques Denis: Regional Delegate and head of Robert's Station in Martinique


The French West Indies Research Unit site was founded in June 2011. Instigated by Jacques Denis a year earlier, the site was initially known as "Caraïbes". It brings together data relating to the geographical area of the French West Indies.


To bring together, in one storage tool, all the data produced by Ifremer on a local and central level.

To exchange and share data both internally and with local partners as simply as possible.

Who is this catalogue for?

The site is mainly for those working at the Martinique station using geographical data. Its main work tool is cartography. The site is also a showcase for external partners located in Martinique and elsewhere in the French West Indies.




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