Sextant is Organised into Thematic Catalogues

They bring together important data:

  • a project;
  • a geographical area;
  • an organisation: Ifremer, the French agency for the conservation of marine reserves, CEDRE, Universities, etc.
  • an Ifremer laboratory or department.

They guarantee:

  • management of rights relating to the data;
  • secure distribution of information.

And they enable the creation of a personalised website.

To subscribe to a catalogue, the request must be made to the catalogue administrator. Once the user has authorised access, according to the rights associated with the account, they will be able to visualise and/or download the data within the catalogue for which they are a member.

Today, we find on Sextant, around 90 thematic catalogs public or private (non visible to everyone). Here you can find two documents describing the content of this catalogs and the point of contact of each one :

- Document décrivant les catalogues thématiques (version janvier 2014 ; en pdf 1,9Mo)

- Document listant les administrateurs de catalogues (version april 2017 ; en pdf 1,6Mo)

Create a thematic catalogue

If you would like to create a thematic catalogue in Sextant, please contact Sextant (, and complete a catalogue description form. Contact details (Surname, First name, Organisation, e-mail address) are also required in order to become catalogue administrator.

Depending on the status of your organisation (Ifremer partner, state organisation dependent on the Environment Ministry, or other) a usage agreement may need to be drawn up.