The EMODnet-Chemistry portal ( uses SeaDataNet V1 infrastructure for the technical set-up. In detail, following procedures and technical components have been adopted :

* SDN Standards for background data and metadata, and for product data and metadata;

* CDI mechanism to access background data with data policy;

* ODV format for background data exchange;

* SDN Security Services for users registrations, and SDN Delivery Services for background data access and downloading;

* DIVA software tool to produce gridded data products and error maps products from the background data as NetCDF files;

* SDN Products catalogue (Sextant system) and SDN Products viewing services (Ocean Browser) for free unlimited discovery, access, visualization and downloading of data products.

The Products catalogue makes available metadata discovery services :

* by adopting the EU SeaDataNet CDI standard, that gives clear information about the background observation data used for the available products, their access restrictions, originators and distributors.

* by adopting the Sextant system (based on GeoNetwork) which is compliant with ISO19139 metadata standards and fulfill INSPIRE Directive requirements. The present catalogue and editing facilities are made available to the providers partners of the project for this purpose.

Usage of Products catalogue:

The tab "Catalogue" allows you to search one or more products processed by EMODNET Chemistry according to different criteria (geographic extent, theme ...). Two types of products are available :

* interpolated maps computed using DIVA software, when the coverage of observation data distribution is large enough for such geostatistical analyses;
* sets of time series and plots of these time series.

By clicking on the title of the product, you access the metadata record describing the content of the data.

To create a new product description, please connect to GeoNetwork at Sextant and log in (SeaDatanet user's identifiers) at the upper right corner of GeoNetwork and, then, proceed to "Administration" tab in the GeoNetwork main menu.
For more information about creating new product description, please read the Getting Started document or the full User's Manual.

The key (at the upper right corner of the screen) allows the connection to the application with specific privileges (see user manual) in order to modify or download metadata.

The system is operating but we are working for the data quality checking (draft version - these results have not up to now been validated by the regional experts).