Questions must be adressed to Sextant :




1/ "I do not see any entries in the catalogue"


Check that you are log in (key at the upper right corner) and make "search" (button at the lower left corner).


2/ "I do not see my metadata set"


This can arrive either because you select a wrong catalogue or because you did not fill the required metadata for the creation of the metadata set identifier before saving. Inform the Sextant team.


3/ "I have more measuring instruments than the one I want to select  and I do not succeed to update it".


There is a bug in the management of the multiple choice measuring instrument list. This is going to be solved. For the present time , it is possible to correct the list in modifying directly the xml file. Use the xml view button of Geonetwork . Delete the inappropriate  lines in the file  eg  :


<gco:CharacterString>SDN:L054:12:157=multi-beam echosounders</gco:CharacterString>


Then "save and close". (do not forget to close it after modification because the entry will stay busy and you will not be able to continue to edit it).