We present in this Atlas colored and contoured maps at two different scales, 1/250000 and 1/100000.
Selected three dimensional views of the bathymetry are also presented.
EM300 generates also sea bottom reflectivity maps at the same scale that the bathymetry. This reveals scarps as well as hardness or softness of the sea floor on the basis of backscattering information.
More precise imagery of some of the structures identified on the sea bottom were surveyed by a deep towed side scan sonar (SAR). A plate provides an 1/20000 scale image of the Central Basin as an example.

We have also collected during the cruise various types of shallow penetration of about 400 m (500 ms twt), single channel seismic reflection including :

  • sparker tool with source and receiver on the sea surface.
  • PASISAR deep towed receiver aspects pulled by SAR vehicle providing finer image of the subsurface.

This booklet presents the technical aspects of the tools used on board and is also a guide to help some of the readers to understand the information presented here.

Access to the Marine Atlas of the Sea of Marmara (Turkey). Atlas prepared by Claude Rangin, Emin Demirbağ and Caner İmren (scientific team) [and] Alban Crusson [and others] (technical team). Chief scientists: X. Le Pichon, C. Şengör and E. Demirbağ. (2001). 1 atlas (11 plates) : illustrations, maps (some color) ; plates 148 x 84 cm and 89 x 124 cm, folded to 30 x 21 cm + 1 booklet (13 pages, illustrations, maps ; 30 cm), issued in a paper case.