Sextant Marine Geosciences is organised into Thematic Catalogues

The catalogues bring together data related to a project or to an organism.

They guarantee:

  • a management of rights relating to the data,
  • a secure distribution of information,
  • the creation of a personalised website.

To subscribe to a catalogue, the request must be made to the catalogue administrator. Once the user has authorised access, according to the rights associated with the account, they will be able to visualise and/or download the data within the catalogue for which they are a member. A user can be a member of several catalogues.

The national Sextant portal gives access to all catalogues (3600 metadata in May 2014).

Some thematic catalogues have they dedicated web site

It is also possible to associate a web site dedicated to a or several thematic catalogues in order to give a better valorisation of catalogues and its data. The aim of the thematic web site is to offer possibilities of personnalisation of the web site : 

  • default prefilter on the catalogues of metadata,
  • personnalisation of default extent of the Geoviewer,
  • managing administration of the editorial content,
  • create interactive maps via the Geoviewer, création et cartes interactives via le Géoviewer,
  • integrate the geoviewer inside other web sites.

The portal "Sextant Marine Geosciences" serves as an illustration, it brings together different thematic catalogues.