The atlas POLMAR, the atlas of sensibility of the coast to marine pollution is accessible by clicking the link below:



The atlas of sensibility usually developed under a paper format, was developed in an informatic format under Sextant in order to facilitate the access, the operational use in a crisis situation and regular updating.

POLMAR Réunion - Atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution



This atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution corresponds to an obligation from the Plan POLMAR defined in the instruction from the 4th mars 2002 and its article 4.1.1. This "technical annexe" from the plan is a document that helps in decisions in the operational and preparitory context of fight anti-pollution.

The data acquired in the context of the redaction of the atlas of coastal sensitivity to marine pollution are numerous and diverse. They encompass data on terrestrial and marine environments, natural and physical environments and socio-economic realms.


The atlas of coastal sensitivity displays the geomophological, ecological and socio-economical features from the coast of Reunion Island, and its sensitivity to accidental marine pollution. It is a operational document for police makers autorities to fight against pollution. It gives knowledge for:

  • assessing rapidly the risks at the scale of the island,
  • defining intervention priorities,
  • delivering aid and means of assistance .

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Ifremer, Université de Bretagne Occidentale (UBO)

This catalogue for who?

This catalogue is for every partners, policy- decision-makers and operators involved in the context of the Plan POLMAR.



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