Geographic information for marine science in the South-West Indian Ocean

The gestion and the sharing of geographic information about the littoral and the sea are the main challenges highlighted by the Grenelle de la mer. In this context, the GIS (Geographic Information System) Sea initiated a reflexion about the instauration of a "Administrative System of the Sea and the Coast".

At a regional scale, the "Blue Book South Indian Ocean" has fully integrated these ambitions to help at constructing a Large Observatory of the Indian Ocean as an advanced platform for sharing information produced by the scientific community for police makers and the genral public.

To contribute to these ambitions, the prefectures of La Réunion, Mayotte and Terres Australes et Antarctiques Françaises whished to base their expertises on the marine and coastal geographic data infrastructure Sextant, developped and managed by Ifremer, in order to bring together the GIS shapes related to the action of the State in the french marine territories of the Indian Ocean.

in collaboration with Ifremer, the Direction de la Mer Sud Océan Indien (DMSOI), a shared gestion of usefull geographic referentials to study and manage the coast and the maritime real have been developed, bringing together all the public actors working on the concerned thematic.