The portal "Sextant Indian Ocean" aims to collect and diffuse multi-thematic geographic data that have a link with maritime activities in the french territories in the Indian Ocean. Numerous scientific, institutional, associative, manager partners have adopted the portal Sextant Indian Ocean that is complementary with other infrastructures of geogaphic data that contribute to diffuse, valorise and share cartographic data.

The regional portal "Indian Ocean" is based on the same architecture and numeric resources as those used for the national portal sextant. The regional portal has the same functionalities and features as its national "grand brother".

The interoperability is at the heart of sharing knowledge

Sextant is a platform  entirely interoperable in adopting the ISO normes and the OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards to get access to data. This platform is also able to share data and exchange information with: 

  • most of the structures and State services (DEAL, DIRM, DAM, CEREMA, Maritime préfectures, ...),

  • numerous scientific partners (IRD, AAMP, MNHN, Conservatoire du littoral, Universities, CNRS,...),

  • big data producers like IGN, the SHOM and the BRGM.

Sextant, an open door entry for INSPIRE

More than sharing and mutualising data between different catalogues Sextant, the data producer may have the opportunity to see its metadata to be indexed through the european portal INSPIRE in choosing to put the metadata "public" and in opening it  through the National Geocatalogue.

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