Sextant Projects

This section aims to highlight some projects or particular actions driven by actors and partners of the data infrastructure "Sextant Indian Ocean". This space is therefore open to anyone who whishes sharing their knowledge through cartographic products for general interest under Sextant.

Marine turtles in Indian Ocean

In the Indian Ocean, only the green, leatherback, hawksbill, kemp's ridley and loggerhead sea turtles are present. The data on these 5 species are brought together through cartographies in the context of the National Plan Action marine turtles in the french territories in the Indian Ocean. 




Hyperspectral Atlas of La Réunion

Complementary to surveys of Litto3D© (2010, DEAL Réunion) hyperspectral imagies acquistions have also been done. The high spatial and spectral resolutions of theses images enable, after geometric and radiometric corrections, to reproduce finely spectral reflectance of objects and then facilitate their identification. Different innovative cartographic products have been produced.



Atlas La Réunion Coral Reefs (CAREX 2005)

A work of cartography of La Réunion Coral reefs was made (CAREX 2005) in order to identify different levels of protection for the future Marine Proctected Area, and to get an efficient tool based on existing data. The results were brought together in a cartographic atlas with 5 thematic planches: Biology and Sedimentology, Geomorphology and hydrodynamic elements, Pollution and Degradation vectors, Ecological sensibility and Uses and activities on land and sea.