3-Daily Sea-Ice Drift Vectors from ASMR-E onboard AQUA over Arctic on a 31.25 km Polar Grid

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Gestionnaire(s): Piolle Jean-Francois
Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER
Crédit CERSAT, Ifremer
Identifiant CER_PSI_ARC_3D_031_DFT_AMS
Résumé This products provides the sea-ice drift calculated over a three day rolling window during winter time (October to April) over Arctic ocean from AMSR-E microwave radiometer onboard AQUA
Mots-clés CDS-SAT-Brest, Sea Ice, /Physique de l'Océan/Glace de mer, Télédétection
Généalogie This product provides users with a continuous winter (Oct-April) time series of drift vectors over Arctic. These drift vectors are provided on a polar stereographic grid every 31.25 km, over a 3-days overlapping time period. It is a merging of the sea-ice drift vectors retrieved separately using respectively the H and V AMSR-E polarizations channels (from winter 2002-2003) observations. The estimation of sea-ice drift for each one relies on a basic correlation technique applied to the field of
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