Coastline Monitoring Implemented within the context of Various Coastal Observatories

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Point of contact(s): Bulteau Thomas
Affiliation(s) 1 : BRGM
Credit Data producers : BRGM
Abstract Coastline monitoring : Aquitaine coast (sandy coast since 1996, rocky coast since 2000), Corsican coast (since 2000 or 2002 depending on the site), the Pays de Monts coast (since 2010), the PACA region cliffs (work in progress).

This project includes a number of coastal monitoring measures implemented on a local scale by the BRGM (the French Geological Survey) within the framework of the Aquitaine Coastal Observatory, the Corsican Coastal Observation Network and the Pays de Mons Coastal Observatory.
Keywords coastline monitoring, changes in the topological and bathymetric foreshore, /Physical Environment/Physiographic Limits/Shoreline
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Aquitaine Regional Council
Corsican Envrionmental Office (OEC)

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