Data from repeat hydrography (GO-SHIP)

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Affiliation(s) 1 : GO-SHIP
Publisher(s): Martin Kramp
Abstract GO-SHIP, the Global Ocean Ship-Based Hydrographic Investigations Program, is conducting repeat hydrography with high accuracy high precision reference measurements of a variety of EOVs through the whole water column.
A selection of continent-to-continent full depth sections are repeated at roughly decadal intervals.
The data archive for CTD data and bottle data is currently at CCHDO, although the CTD data from European cruises are available at Seadatanet as well.
Keywords Environmental monitoring facilities, water column measurements of salinity, temperature, inorganic nutrients, transient tracers, inorganic carbon, Dissolved inorganic carbon production and respiration in the water column, Temperature of the water column, Salinity of the water column, Networks, Carbon isotope 13C, Carbonate system, Chlorophyll-a and fluorescence, Currents, Dissolved organic matter, Nitrous oxide, Nutrients, Oxygen, Salinity, Temperature, Transient tracers, Air humidity, Air temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Bottom depth, Wind direction, Wind speed
Lineage The GO-SHIP data encompass a variety of measurements.
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