World Ocean Atlas 2013 V2

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Point of contact(s): NOAA (NODC)
Credit LOPS
ID FR-330-715-368-00032-[A compléter par le SISMER]
Abstract Climatologie de température/salinité de l'océan global basée sur une analyse objective: résolution 1/4°
Keywords Oceanographic geographical features
Lineage World Ocean Atlas 2013 version 2 (WOA13 V2) is a set of objectively analyzed (1° grid) climatological fields of in situ temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, Apparent Oxygen Utilization (AOU), percent oxygen saturation, phosphate, silicate, and nitrate at standard depth levels for annual, seasonal, and monthly compositing periods for the World Ocean. It also includes associated statistical fields of observed oceanographic profile data interpolated to standard depth levels on 5°, 1°, and 0.25°
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