North Atlantic Ocean PSY2V3 standard grid dataset - spécifique Humboldt

Date(s) (Création)
Distributeur(s): CLS
Intégrateur(s): Mercator Ocean
Identifiant Ifr_humbolt_spe_grid
Résumé This dataset contains a set of 2D and 3D ocean parameters from the PSY2V3 Mercator Ocean operational numerical model. The product grid is a reinterpolation on a Mercator projection 1/6&deg; grid from the 1/12&deg; native grid. This dataset covers the North Atlantic Ocean. For more information concerning this product, see <a href="
Mots-clés Oceanographic geographical features, Atlantique Nord
Généalogie This product comes from a reinterpolation process on a Mercator projection grid from the native ocean NEMO/MNATL12 model grid (1/12&deg;).
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