MEDSEA_CH1_Specification_2 / Suitability index of a wind farm in the NWMed concerning the environmental resources

Date(s) (Creation)
Point of contact(s): University of Athens
Abstract The main aim of this product was to define the suitability of offshore sites in the area between the borders of France-Spain-Italy for wind farm development. The adopted approach classifies wind speed data by their level of suitability, ranging from a grade 5 for exclusion zones, to a grade 1 for areas deemed appropriate for wind farm development. The quality indexes adopted were based on mean and variation statistical measures taking into consideration both the expected energy potential and the corresponding variability.
Keywords MedSea - CH01 - Windfarm Siting, High level analyzed, Delayed, Energy resources
Temporal Extent 2001-01-01 - 2010-12-31