Annual Statistics of 500m Kinetic Energy at the Sea Surface - Biscay-Channel

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Point of contact(s): Roche Amélie
Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer
2 : Cerema
Publisher(s): Ifremer
DOI 10.12770/357d72f4-855d-43de-8370-40ff8e4d9542
Abstract This annual statistics at 500m horizontal resolution was produced from the archived time series of MARS 3D physics model hindcast runs along French Atlantic Coast. The variable that is available here is the Kinetic Energy induced by currents caused by tide, water density gradients and action of winds. The formula used for the Kinetic Energy calculation is 0.5mv², where m is the density of seawater (1027 kg.m-3) and v is the current-induced velocity. Values are expressed in N.m-2 (Newton per square meter). The vertical level is the sea surface.
Keywords /Physical Environment/Coastal Hydrodynamics, Oceanographic geographical features, currents, kinetic energy, annual statistics, hydrodynamics, hindcast, oceanography, Channel, Biscay
Lineage This annual statistics product was produced from the database of MARS 3D / AGRIF library (V10.10) physics model hindcast runs along French Atlantic Coast at 500m horizontal resolution, with 40 vertical levels and a one hour time step. This database is hosted and updated by the Ifremer Dyneco Research Unit.
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Citation inside literature: Caillaud Matthieu, Petton Sebastien, Dumas Franck, Rochette Sebastien, Vasquez Mickael (2016). Inter annual hydrodynamic hindcast with MARS3D-AGRIF model - Bay of biscay and Manche Areas. IFREMER-DYNECO.
Temporal Extent 2010-01-01 - 2015-12-31