Inter annual hydrodynamic hindcast with MARS3D-AGRIF model - Bay of biscay and Manche Areas

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Affiliation(s) 1 : Ifremer
Publisher(s): Caillaud Matthieu
DOI 10.12770/3edee80f-5a3e-42f4-9427-9684073c87f5
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Hydrodynamic database build with the MARS3D model along the french manche and atlantic coast at high spatial (500m) and temporal (1h) resolution


Seabed habitats maps are build from statistics models which need some data that describe the physical
environment of the different species. Theses environmental factors are the salinity, temperature and
shear stress (from waves and current) on the sea floor. Statistics are based on realistic and inter-annual
simulations from 3D ocean models.Models output are currently available at a uniform resolution of 2.5 km along the whole French coast,as a part of the PREVIMER project (
To increase the horizontal resolution of the model to 500m grid spacing, an on-line grid refinement
technique has been carried out with the AGRIF library. (
Seven zooms (with 500m resolution) have been implemented in the 2.5 km MANGAE configuration.

From this configuration, an hindcast of six years (from 2010 to 2015) has been simulated and cover the french coast from spain to pas-de-calais area :

"Main features of the hindcast"
Horizontal resolution : 500m
Vertical resolution : 40 sigma levels
Temporal resolution : 1 Hour

"Available physical parameters"
◦ 2D : Sea surface height and barotropic velocities (U and V components)
◦ 3D : Temperature, Salinity and baroclinic velocities
Keywords /Physical Environment/Coastal Hydrodynamics, Oceanographic geographical features, hydrodynamic, modelling system, Bay of Biscay, Channel-North Sea, Celtic Seas, D1: Coastal benthic habitats, D3: Commercially Exploited Species, D5: Eutrophication, D6: Sea-floor Integrity, D7: Hydrographical Conditions, D10: Marine Litter, /Processed data/Model outputs
Lineage This hindcast has been built with boundary conditions from MYOCEAN products, atmospheric forcing from the models of the French meteorological institute. A work of validation with various data (in situ, radar, satellite) from IFREMER's database has been carried out.
Utilisation Data are available on a mail request

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Temporal Extent 2010-01-01 - 2015-12-31