Drifting Buoys (NRT & DM)

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Affiliation(s) 1 : CORIOLIS
2 : DBCP
Publisher(s): service desk
ID Drifting_buoys_GDAC
Abstract The Drifting Buoys GDAC -Global Data Assembly Centre- is the repository of surface drifters data. Both NRT -Near Real Time- and DM -Delayed Mode- data are available on the GDAC. Drifters report generally trajectories, sea-surface temperatures, atmospheric pressures at sea-level, as well as sea-surface salinity or sub-surface temperature in the ocean top layer.
Keywords Environmental monitoring facilities, Sea-surface Temperature, Air pressure, Skin temperature of the water column, Networks, Atmospheric pressure, Currents, Salinity, Temperature
Lineage Most drifting buoy data are acquired in Near-Real-Time within a few minutes via satellite telecommunication.
The data are then complemented with metadata, and quality controlled.
Regularly, the GDAC reprocesses its data holding to update the quality control on past data.
There are several drifter data repositories for redundancy, see the DBCP 'Access to Buoy Data' page (http://www.jcommops.org/dbcp/data/access.html)
Utilisation No limitations on public access

A user should acknowledge use of DBCP drifter data in all publications and products where such data are used, preferably with the following standard sentence: "These data were collected and made available under auspices of the Data Buoy Cooperation Panel (DBCP)".