European database for underway data from FerryBoxes

Date(s) (Creation)
Affiliation(s) 1 : FerryBox
2 : HZG
Publisher(s): Wilhelm Petersen
ID HZG and all other European FerryBox providers are sending data. The extension of the HZG database to a database for all FerryBox user is currently in the developing phase.. Today in addition to the FB data from HZG IMR is already sending data regularly.
Abstract Data from FerryBoxes on ships of opportunity going on permanent routes are stored inside this database ( Parameters are temperature, salinity, chlorophyll-a fluorescence, oxygen and different others. The data model is transect oriented. A data portal to access and visualise the data is also provided.
Keywords Environmental monitoring facilities, Networks, Air humidity, Air temperature, Atmospheric pressure, Carbonate system, Chlorophyll-a and fluorescence, Dissolved organic matter, Nutrients, Oxygen, Radiative fluxes, Salinity, Suspended particulates, Temperature, Wind direction, Wind speed, Salinity, Temperature, Chlorophyll-a fluorescence, Dissolved oxygen from surface waters
Lineage Quality control is quite different and depends on the data provider, quality flags according Data-Meq recommendations for realtime data
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