EuroMapApp – Bathymetric integration and visualisation of European deep seafloor mapping results

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Affiliation(s) 1 : EMEuroMapApp
Publisher(s): Colin Devey, Anne-Cathrin Wölfl
Credit GEOMAR, Ifremer, NIOZ, NERC-BODC and all other data providers
Abstract The EuroMapApp task of the AtlantOS project aims to integrate Europe’s existing and future bathymetric data sets from the Atlantic Ocean into a seamless whole and put these results into a widely accessible format allowing immediate visualization of the seafloor for the specialist and non-specialist user alike. The partner institutions are GEOMAR, Ifremer, NIOZ, and NERC-BODC.
Keywords Elevation, Seafloor mapping, DTM, Bathymetry, Networks, Bottom depth, Salinity, Temperature
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