Trajectoire Bouée dérivante B_44780 - Bretagne Sud - spécifique Humboldt

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Identifiant B_44780_Time
Résumé Those ARGO datasets are collected under the Coriolis Operational Oceanography project.
Mots-clés Coriolis, ARGO, in situ measurements, Provor trajectory, operational oceanography, ocean circulation, World, Caractéristiques géographiques océanographiques
Information Contrary to satellite data, in-situ measurement are difficult to access. In fact,y the in-situ measurements are acquired during scientific experiments by different laboratories spread all around the world.

Of course, a lot of measurement exist on the GTS (Global Telecommunication System) but their quality varies.

Fortunately, with GOOS, WMO, IOC, CLIVAR, many international programs try to coordinate and make the in-situ measurement access easier (WOCE, ARGO, JCOMOPS, GOSUD, CLIVAR, Ocean Time
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