Database of Small Icebergs from Satellite Altimetry for Altiberg project, version 2

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Affiliation(s) 1 : IFREMER
Résumé This product provides the version 2 of the database of small icebergs (lower than 3km in length) detected in Austral Ocean by spaceborne altimeters from 1985 to today
Mots-clés CDS-SAT-Brest, /Physique de l'Océan/Glace de mer, /Télédétection
Généalogie The Altiberg database contains the small iceberg (<3km in length) detected by various spaceborne altimetesr using the high resolution waveforms. The level 2 products are the individual detected iceberg files (in matlab or netcfdf). The level 3 product contains antarctic polar sterographic 100 km resolution grids of monthly volume of ice, probability of presence of icebergs and mean iceberg area. The database is processed independently for the following altimetry missions : GeoSAT, ERS-1, ERS-2,
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Restriction liée à l'exercice du droit moral.
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