EUSeaMap2 (2016) Broad-Scale Predictive Habitat Map - Confidence

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Owner(s): EMODnet Seabed Habitats
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Abstract Confidence in the full output of the 2016 EUSeaMap broad-scale predictive model, produced by EMODnet Seabed Habitats.

Values are on a range from 1 (low confidence) to 3 (high confidence).

Confidence is calculated by amalgamating the confidence values of the underlying applicable habitat descriptors used to generate the habitat value in the area in question.

Habitat descriptors differ per region but include:
Biological zone
Energy class
Oxygen regime
Salinity regime
Seabed Substrate
Riverine input

Confidence in habitat descriptors are driven by the confidence in the source data used to determine the descriptor, and the confidence in the threshold/margin (areas closer to a boundary between two classes will have lower confidence).

Confidence values are also available for each habitat descriptor and input data layer.
Keywords Habitats and biotopes, Habitats and biotopes
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