Sea Mammals as an ocean observation component

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Publisher(s): Ifremer
DOI 10.12770/0a82d60c-683d-47b8-8bd1-24933ec24983
Abstract Since 2004, several hundred seals have been equipped with conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) sensors in the Southern Ocean for both biological and physical oceanographic studies. A calibrated collection of seal-derived hydrographic data is now available from Coriolis, currently consisting of more than 300,000 temperature/salinity profiles.

Delayed mode data, December 2014
on the Coriolis ftp server, in /ifremer/marine_mammals/.
In a near future (summer 2015), seal data will be updated daily, and a monthly snapshot of the full database will be produced.
through the Coriolis data selection tool (Sea mammal or Animal profiles).
Keywords Sea Mammals, global ocean observing system, ocean circulation, in-situ, ocean pressure, sea water temperature, sea water salinity, multi-year, weather climate and seasonal observation, global-ocean, Sea Elephants
Utilisation A user of Argo data is expected to read and understand this manual and the documentation about the data contained in the "attributes" of the NetCDF data files, as these contain essential information about data quality and accuracy.

Please cite the following papers if you use marine mammal data in a publication: Roquet F., Williams G., Hindell M. A., Harcourt R., McMahon C. R., Guinet C., Charrassin J.-B., Reverdin G., Boehme L., Lovell P. and Fedak M. A., 2014. A Southern Indian Ocean database of hydrographic profiles obtained with instrumented elephant seals. Nature Scientific Data, 1:140028, doi: 10.1038/sdata.2014.28. Roquet F., Wunsch C., Forget G., Heimbach P., Guinet C., Reverdin G., Charrassin J.-B., Bailleul F., Costa D. P., Huckstadt L. A., Goetz K. T., Kovacs K. M., Lydersen C., Biuw M., Nøst O. A., Bornemann H., Ploetz, J., Bester M. N., Mcintyre T., Muelbert M. C., Hindell M. A., McMahon C. R., Williams G., Harcourt R., Field I. C., Chafik L., Nicholls K. W., Boehme L., and Fedak M. A., 2013. Estimates of the Southern Ocean General Circulation Improved by Animal-Borne Instruments. Geoph. Res. Letts., 40:1-5. doi: 10.1002/2013GL058304