Prado Bay, Marseille (Calanques National Park) : Fish Monitoring in Artificial Reefs

Date(s) (Creation)
Point of contact(s): LE DIREACH Laurence
Affiliation(s) 1 : GIS Posidonie
Credit Data producers : GIS posidinie
Abstract Data from visual counts on dives over 5 years of monitoring (2009-2013).
The aim of immersing artificial reefs in Prado Bay is mainly to support coastal small-scale fishing. Aside from the visible nature of its presence on the reef, which enables us to clearly see the success of the installation, the ichthyofauna, at the end of the food chain, plays a vital role in the functioning of artificial reefs and varies according to species.
Keywords Fish, Crustacean, Artificial reef, UVC, Visual count, Species of interest to fisheries, Biomass, Colonisation, Counting, Monitoring, Management, Environmental monitoring facilities, Western Mediterranean, D3: Commercially Exploited Species, /Human Activities/Recreational Fishing
Information Project leader :
Marseille city council 2009-2013
Reef Scientific Committee 2009-2013

Prime contractor :
GIS Posidonie 2009-2013

Backer :
Water Agency 2009-2013
PACA Regional Council 2009-2013
Lineage 2009 (winter) : Fish monitoring begins on artificial reefs in Prado Bay
2013 (autumn) : Last Périnniser campaign (possible actions)

Nombre de points d'observation ou de mesure : 3 counts x 5 types of concrete reef x 2 north/south zones, 6 rockfill transects x 2 north/south zones

Count modules were chosen so as to sample the same number of modules per reef type and per north/south zone (designed for 2 different management systems in the future).
Collaborative nature of scientific monitoring:
Utilisation In all cases: Access to data must be requested from Poseidon GIS and the data producer for all publication or optimization of data. Data producers should be acknowledged, with GIS Posidonie and the partner laboratories as a minimum requirement. Financial backers must also be acknowledged.

Open access for: scientists, members of the GIS Posidonie scientific committee. For others: subject to authorisation from b ackers (Marseille city council). Means of distribution: data currently not in distribution. metadata can be consulted at the Marseille-Luminy laboratory, including annual reports. Pdfs occasionally distributed after approval from financial backers.